Letter to Our Customers —

We would like to express our sincere thanks for allowing  Down East Clean Water the opportunity of quoting our service and equipment to give you outstanding water.

The first and foremost question is what exactly does DECW do? Simply put, we specialize in the treatment of water.  In order to accomplish this feat, we utilize a variety of technologies from basic water filtration for the illumination of odours and/or sediments, to the complicated system of Reverse Osmosis in varying sizes for the production of PURE water. These technologies can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Removal of sediment to clean muddy water after a water main break
  • Removal of colour in water due to Tannins
  • Removal metals such as Arsenic, Barium, Uranium, Selenium, Fluoride, and many others
  • Removal of methane gas (naturally occurs in Southern NB)
  • Removal of Sulfur gas both biological and dissolved
  • Removal of sodium from the water
  • Softening the water due to hardness
  • Removal of Iron and Manganese that cause staining.
  • Well pumps and pressure tanks for water supply

The equipment used can be many different sizes and can be found in locations such as:

  • Bottle-less water coolers – pure water without the plastic (and back aches)
  • Well water treatment for residential, commercial, and industrial
  • Microbial control for residential, commercial, and industrial
  • Back up Microbial control for residential
  • Municipal water treatment for restaurants, homes, and many others
  • Reverse Osmosis equipment for under the counter 25 gal per day
  • Reverse Osmosis up to 6000 gallons per day for entire buildings
  • PH balancing equipment for both acidic and alkaline water
  • Carbon filters for taste
  • and much more

Down East Clean Water is fully certified by the CWQA while its owner, Ron Carrier, holds certifications from the CWQA, Trojan and Sterilight Ultraviolet light systems, Hague Water International, Novo, Autotrol, and other manufacturers for Sales, Service, and Installation of all their equipment. We carry complete insurance liability for you and your property.

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


Ron Carrier